About Us

An Experimentation in Cohabitation

That would be an excellent tagline if it were true.  Hi, my name is Brittney, I live with my boyfriend Sam and our 9 month old, Hannah, The Bear. And we’re seriously cohabitaing for serious.

In the Fall of 2011 I was living in Queens for just a few months, just starting a long distance relationship with a guy I was crazy about, and was working 50 hours a week at a new job.

Fast forward to May, I moved back home to Long Island because- Surprise! That awesome guy and I made a baby girl child. The Bear was born Friday, July 13, 2012. The three of us live in a room cottage that we found at the last, last, last possible minute. Soon after, I started this blog to chronicle the life of three in a space made for one.Well, that didn’t happen. Infants are such a drag.

Now, after nearly a year in the cottage, we’re on the lookout for a new place. I left my job that made actual money for a substituting job in a special needs school. The Bear is in that great pre-walking stage where she behaves like a suicidal goldfish- ready to jump out or off of any surface at any given moment.

I tried doing the mom blog thing and realized that I was enjoying experiencing motherhood too much to reflect on it.

I tried doing a craft blog and realized that crafting  doesn’t work well with a full time job, infant, and no washing machine in the house. In fact, it’s impossible.

So for now this is just our story as it happens.

I like making brownies and doing yoga. Sam likes playing guitar and watching Charlie Rose on DVR when I’m not home.  We both like beer and wings and Daily Show. We have a lot of underwear dance parties. Sorry, no photos.

Welcome to the room, the nest, our life.

Feel free to e-mail me at Cukoosnesting ( at) gmail (dot) com


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