Make this now: AMAZING peach pie

Weird fact: I can’t eat a raw apple. Or carrot. Or peach. And it really sucks! I have Oral Allergy Syndrome and the long and short of it is I get an unpleasant reaction in the mouth from pollens found in raw produce. ( Check it out here if you’re so inclined)

This affliction is particularly annoying when I want a fresh and healthy snack on the go or just want to enjoy the delicious produce available in the summer. Last summer I lusted over all the fresh peach recipes I was seeing on my favorite food blogs. The caveat to OAS is that once the fruits are cooked, the pollens cook away. So I only had one question for myself this summer: Do I dare to eat a peach?

I dared. And it was delicious. Cremy and dreamy and sweet and caramelly. And nutty. Oh my.2013-08-04 20.01.38

I took to the internets and settled on making this pie for my sister-in-law’s birthday over the weekend.

Aside from peeling peaches, which I find pretty revolting, the process is super simple and yields some seriously yummy results.2013-08-04 20.02.19

I used a pre-made pastry crust and laid the -uh-rustic chunks of peach in it as I cut them. The liquid for the filling takes about a minute to whip up and I poured it right over the peaches. As this baked for few minutes I whipped together a praline topping. That sounds pretty impressive right? I used pecan halves that i crushed right in the bag. After the pie pre-bakes you take it out and sprinkle the praline topping all over before you return it to the oven for about a half hour.  Check out the recipe NOW.2013-08-04 20.01.55

I got the recipe from the Sugar Plum blog, my go-to for delicious desserts. This is the first blog I check out when I have a craving for delicious desserts- there is a little bit of everything and Emily’s recipes always deliver. I’m a total fangirl but I can’t sing her praises enough.

So seriously, make this pie today before you spend a whole year wondering about what that summer peach could have been.



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