butter based icing, 5 ways

I posted this back in June on my recipe page dedicated to my grandmother. Enjoy!

Pickle's Blue Recipe Book

This post is going to be quick and dirty. Maybe I’m letting my freak flag fly a little bit here, but I believe there are few things more pleasurable than a simple buttercream. I’m too much of a prude to name those few things but you probably have a good imagination.Scan0001

The book, thankfully, has several variations on the classic frosting. On three pages in a row. Hallelujah! While I use my fancy colored post-its to flip through the book again and separate the wheat from the chaff ( like the Dutch apple pie and Rugelah from the peanut butter soup and “impossible’ bacon pie), I’m going to put these beauties up for you. If the phrase “homemade icing” makes you a bit jumpy, don’t fret. I promise, it’s simple! For some great tips on preparing yummy buttercream, I found this list from Polka Dot Socks.  From classic buttercream to a decadent…

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