My Moving Calendar

After nearly a year in our (as some say) adorable cottage, we are outta here! We found a new apartment a couple towns south of us. With rooms!

We were lucky enough to find it quickly, it was the second of three that we checked out and we sealed the deal ASAP. We can move in on Monday, but we are waiting until the following Sunday for our official moving day.(Neither of us wants to take off of work and we both had previous obligations for Saturday.)

I have been going crazy with ideas since we signed the lease. I’m pinning up a storm and trying to curb my shopping, but I  am super excited to do things like put together a veggie garden, create artwork for our sunny kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, and create a nursery in the living room for Hannah! Rent on Long Island is criminal, and in the end we decided that while the little Bear needs room to run around now  she doesn’t need a proper bedroom until she is a little older. She’ll be nine months old on Saturday and is damn near walking!  Our living room is L shaped so it’ll be easy to section off an area just for her.

While pinning is fun and a great jumping off point for starting projects, I’m definitely focused on making sure everything is ready by moving day. I started a calendar in Gmail to keep myself on track.heading

Google Cal


By setting aside a little task each day, it makes it easier for my scatter brain to tackle a huge task like moving.

Between now and then we’ve got a concert this Saturday, birthday celebrations for our friends and family, our weekly obligations, a test for a new job and wine tasting!

And did I mention the Bear is near walking? Pulling up everywhere and getting into mischief. It’s insane. She  even crawled up onto a plastic bin at her Gigi’s ( my mom’s) house last night. We’re definitely getting out of this box at just the right time.

Between now and then?

Packing and moving strategies

Room mood boards

Spring garden ideas


Thoughts on being a grown up

And Hannah’s 9 month update!


Till then,





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