Eight Months

My Sweet Baby Bear,

I feel guilty for not posting or really writing anything about you over the last few months. I have to remember though, not writing doesn’t mean not paying attention.The last week or so, when people have asked your age, I’ve had a hard time answering. Eight months!  Six was a huge milestone, seven flew by in a blissful haze of tricks, giggles and babbles. Now we’re on eight? I’m amazed every day by your growth, little Bear.   IMAG1102

Last night we were looking at your newborn pictures on Grandma’s ipad. You were thrilled to look at your two month old self and laughed. I had to remind myself to laugh with you, I was so in awe of the difference between the girl on the screen and the one crawling in my lap.  You’re almost as tall as your fourteen month old cousin these days and your face has morphed into an expressive mix of my own features, your dad’s expressions and glimpses of your uncles.



And old videos? They put a lump in my throat. The tiny, wiggly, squishy summer baby in the romper just lays there as we coo at her to smile for us. Now we’re recording you crawling for a pink plastic Easter egg. Heavy little hands and feet padding and tush wiggling clear across the living room. Still, you’re more interested in standing up- beaming with pride as you grasp our fingers and wobble on your tiptoes.

Your eyes are a mix of ambition and mischief. Bright an morphing, they range from grey to blue to green like your Daddy’s. The right iris has a small freckle just underneath the pupil. You have two perfect, white little teeth. On the bottom, they do nothing for you aside from give you a bulldog grin. You like to play with Puffs but hate to eat them. You prefer drinking water from your green sippy cup than eating your mushy fruits and veggies.


Your hands are one of your best features. With long fingers and nail beds, they are a piano teacher’s dream. You love clapping them, raising them over your head for “so big!” or extending themout to share your toys. Your heart is as big as your gummy smile.


Happy eight months, my little Bear.  Remember that Mommy and Daddy are your biggest cheerleaders. We love you very, very much.


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