For all the jewelry I own, I don’t wear much of it. For this reason, most of my collection is cheap and easily replaceable. The rest is made up of nice pieces- gifts from my parents, grandparents and godparents, and family heirlooms- namely costume jewelry.

My grandmother and great grandmother were the queens of costume jewelry. The back bedroom of the two-family they lived in was always filled with wonderful things. What I recall most vividly is that room on Christmas Eve- the piles of presents on the couch by the window, the lighting dim and soft from the table lamps and goldenrod curtains. The smells of my grandma’s baking creeping in from the adjacent kitchen. The large dresser with the wooden boxes on top- brimming with sparkly pins, rings and necklaces.

A couple years before she passed away, my grandma had me go through those boxes and pick some of my favorite pieces. Most of what I picked out were her signature necklaces, but I chose a couple of beautiful pins as well. So began my obsession with cameos.

Cameos are such a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry. They always get compliments, and more often than not, youre the only one in the room wearing one. I mostly wear the neckalces, and have picked up a few of my own over the years, but cant help but drool over these variations below.

Crazy about Cameos

Enamel jewelry

Purple necklace

Cameo jewelry

Pink jewelry

Gothic jewelry

Gothic jewelry

Lanvin chunky chain necklace
$1,590 –

River Island cameo jewelry
$18 –

River Island chain necklace
$4.46 –


Are there any accessories out there you just can’t get enough of?


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