Mom Hair

I need a haircut. Like, badly. I’ve only had one in the seven months since Hannah was born and that was only a trim back in August.

My hair looks okay, but in the past I was a cut or dye addict. As in, I would get bored and either cut in my own bangs, get a crazy chop or get a box of red dye and go to town.

hair, long, need a haircut

The closest my hair has been to natural in 14 years

I have no idea what I want, aside from a drastic change. I do have one fear though- the dreaded Mom Hair. All too often you see a new mother give up their locks for an easy, no muss chop that their baby doll won’t yank.

I’ll admit, it sounds appealing, but that leads to trouble. Before I searched for something I actually like, I Googled “mom hair” and got some less than inspiring results.Recently Updated2

Sure, there were some really great cuts in there.Recently Updated1


But those require a lot of maintenance, and I am a fan of rolling out of bed, into the shower and out the door with a minimal blow dry in between.

Finally,I found inspiration. In my own Facebook photos no less!

Recently Updated3

Me, winter 2010. It looked good, it was easy, and it grew out well. Needless to say, these were the photos I brought to the salon.

( Yes, brought. Printed and physically brought because I don’t have a phone with Facebook anymore. The Horror!)


I got this. I love it. My pictures suck.




But, dammit, I don’t look like Justin Beiber. And when that happens, it’s a good day.


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