Tasty Tuesdays

Every night I come home and watch the Food Network. I’m starting to yawn, guys. I always say I need a new show to follow. And ya know, I found love in a strange place. At work.

A few weeks ago, our school which plays host to several districts ( it’s a special ed vocational school) was virtually empty due to finals. I am often placed in a culinary class and that week it was silly to move forward with curriculum work. We spent the first couple days of the week cleaning the kitchen and reeking of bleach.The rest of the week was spent watching videos. On top of videos showcasing real life chefs ( San Francisco 1990s plating, take me away!), one day Chef showed the auditions to The Taste. Right then, the skies opened up and all the angels looked like Nigella Lawson holding molten chocolate cakes.

Ok, not really. But I said “I can do this”.

Unlike Chopped, which mostly showcases experienced professional chefs and has become B-O-R-I-N-G, The Taste inspired me as the home chef I am and the chef I hope to become. Inspired me to do my damndest and take advantage of all I can learn at work ( I work in a baking class in the morning and and a cooking class in the afternoon). TO learn alongside my students, get my hands dirty and work on my skills. To cook daring dishes at home and do things that scare me. ( Last week I roasted a chicken for the first time. Of all things I’ve cooked, I’ve never cooked a whole chicken. Guess what? It was simple and delicious. Next step? Working with Yeast. After that? Maybe…possibly….competing on team Nigella? Maybe. But I know I want to go to culinary school in a year or two so I have a big, shiny brass ring in my sights. Being a contestant would be the icing on the sinful, chocolate cake.

Check out this episode and tell me it isn’t charming.

Anticipating the next auditions!


This post was written as a submission to earn The Taste badge on Influenster. All opinions are my own. I have not received any compensation for this post.  Please e-mail me if you are interested in an invitation to become an Influenster member. 


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