Big Organization for Small Spaces- Tea

Our Kitchen is small. Like, if you take two “giant” steps you’ve crossed the room small. Though we have the advantage of having several cabinets and a decent amount of pantry room, our ever growing collection of pint glasses on the shelf above our stove has left room for little more than necesssities on the bottom.pint glasses from our favorite breweries

When full with our vitamin bottles and coffee mugs ( yep, all 4 of them), teal boxes were only getting in the way. In an effort to consolidate I emptied two boxes and used these decorative tea cups ( both gifts from Caitlin, whoo!) to artfully consolidate tea bags.

tea bags organized in tea cups

With this totally cute, totally free solution, our favorite teas ( English Breakfast and Raspberry& Pomegranate Green) are in easy reach without getting in the way of the other things that live on the shelf.

This project wouldn’t be complete without a pinning spree. Some favorites:

I love the flowers- but wouldn’t this tobacco tin be adorable overflowing with tea bags or sugars?


So ends our tea wrangling escapade. For now!

Speaking of above the stove, aren’t our elephants cute? It’s one of those metal hangings and came with the cottage. I’m going to miss it when we leave.

Next stop in kitchen organization? Over the fridge!


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