For the Love of Brocade

A couple years back, a decorating style I like to call “Girly Gothic” burst on the scene. Brocade wall clings, bedding, lamps and art were everywhere. From Target to Home Goods, Kohl’s to Christmas Tree Shops– you couldn’t escape it.  You still can’t!  But God, I loved it. Until I moved in with a BOY, that is.

The bedroom in my previous apartment was all black, white and pink brocade. But I realized I was just decorating an elevated dorm room, not a living space for a grown up. Now, with my limited skills and unlimited ability to do what I like ( S has given me carte blanche with the decor), I have to create a space that we can both live in and be proud of.

When S and I moved in together, I knew the pink had to go. Or at least be toned down.  But I still can’t resist that Victorian feel! Idid a little online window shopping and found some pieces we can incorporate into our home without sacrificing style or that masculine edge we’re aiming for.

I love the deep colors ( and memory board wall!) paired with the delicate tulle and chandelier.

A brocade magazine rack would add interest to an otherwise modern desk

This bookshelf is pricey but stunning

This silhouette mixes elements effortlessly

This jewelry holder is already sold but is AMAZING

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pinterest is loaded with ideas and I have absolutely no self control in Home Goods.  I seriously can’t go in there until after the holidays.

 But the point of all this is brainstorming. And doing something on a Tuesday night aside from watching a Chopped marathon and eating candy corn. What? Honesty, man.


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