Making Contact

Recently, S and I reorganized the living room area for the winter, and purchased a new TV stand from Target. This stand.


Generally, I like it. It’s sleek, functional and unobtrusive. But it’s boring! While I was brainstorming ways to spruce the place up, my mind immediately went to contact paper.

I was looking online for a newspaper theme but came up empty. I was planning to scour the craft stores and Target over the weekend but I struck gold on Tuesday when I visited the Dollar Tree on my lunch break.


Three rolls, three bucks and a project underway. Baby Bear’s nap time on Friday afternoon was the perfect time to get sticking.


But The Bear didn’t agree. She woke up shortly after I dawdled on the internet and took 15 photos of contact paper. Such is life.

So the paper stayed on the shelf until The Bear played, we both ate dinner and she dozed off. With SNL on the television, I got to work.


At first I removed the center shelf, intending to only cover the one. I realized when I pulled it out, though, that the cable box that lives there gets mighty hot, and is on for a large portion of the day. Not a fan of fires, I switched it for the top shelf where the Blue Ray player lives, which doesn’t get quite as much play.2012-11-29

I peeled an inch and a half edge off of the contact paper and tucked it under the flat edge of the shelf. I measured out the extra length with the convenient ruler and grid on the paper protecting the sticky side. I rolled the paper back over the shelf, while pressing out the air bubbles and removing the protective sheet as I moved along. When I reached the farther edge I folded it straight over, then cut out the rounded edge after with Honey Bee scissors.


Since I wound up papering the top shelf, I cleared out the DVDs and covered the bottom shelf as well. The paper was a little wider than the shelf so after sticking the length down I trimmed the excess with the tip of the scissor. Easy!

This little project didn’t even use a whole roll, that means it cost less than a dollar! I’m looking to use the remaining paper to cover the shelving inside the cabinets, as well as our bland bookshelf.

Now that I have the whole weekend ahead of me, it’s time to obsessively merge and organize our DVDs. Six months of cohabitation and a child later and we still have separate DVD collections. Nothing says commitment like two special edition copies of Reservoir Dogs!


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