Baby Bear’s First Food: In Photos

At 4 months, Baby Bear is now eating solids! Well, eating is a loose term for what she’s doing. Right now it’s more like teething and drooling onto a spoon full of sweet potatoes. But hey, that’s learning!

In addition to the Potatoes, oatmeal is also on the menu. We’ll add squash, green beans and all that yummy stuff as soon as she masters this ‘using a spoon’ thing. Below, Baby Bear’s first food experience.

donning her tarp, unaware of what’s to come

now aware that she’s eating from that thing we let her play with sometimes, Baby Bear attempts to hijack the spoon.

obligatory action shot

discovering the joys of mess making

I want more!

More, I said!

After BB had her share of the potatoes, she was content to sit in her bassinet and watch the grown ups eat. At one point, I  caught a whiff of something. As I lifted her blanket, there was a stain on her tummy. Upon lifting the baby, the stain was on her back. We had Poopageddon. ( No photos, as I realize that she will one day grow into a teenager who I have full capability of embarrassing, and then an adult who will have full capability of putting me in a home)

 Her sweet elephant onesie was sacrificed as a result, and babe was changed into her pajamas for the evening. We didn’t last much longer.

after the poop to end all poops and a bit of play, an exhausted Bear passed out on the floor

We’ve tried the food a few more times and have somewhat gotten the hang of it. I want to move on to carrots and other veggies but I want to make them myself. Since we were staying at my parent’s after Sandy, we started off with the Gerber stuff. I’m sure each new flavor will be a new adventure.

Till then !


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