A Dress, A Goal

e a wedding to go to Thanksgiving weekend and have spent weeks and weeks putting off buying a new dress. Why? Weight, duh! When I was pregnant with The Bear I gained almost 50 pounds, most of which was water weight. My calves and feet were enormous and I went up 2 shoe sizes! The nurses were certain that the protein strips were wrong and I had preeclampsia. Miraculously, I didn’t.

Since then I have dropped most of the weight but I haven’t really been active aside from taking care of the Bear. I would love to get back to the body I had when I was taking Zumba and Yoga a few times a week last year.

As a result of Hurricane Sandy, Baby Bear, S and I have been staying with my parents ( 9 days and no power…) and I had the chance to go through some of my old wardrobe. Enter this dress.

Atlantic City, 2010. Snowstorm + Jack Daniels

I don’t ever remember feeling as good as I look in this thing. The old adage is true that you need to appreciate your good looks when you’re young! But I’m not submitting to a life of stretch pants yet. I easily could, and was well on my way, but I left my office job for more casual employment. I have to turn in my tights and dresses and get back into my skinny jeans… and I’m just squeaking by at this point.

The Bear and I napping in our stretch pants

I realize it is impossible and unhealthy for me to lose the weight to fit into in this dress in two weeks. So I have extended my goal. I want to get active, get healthy and be in this dress for New Years Eve…even if our plans are just drinking Pangea in the living room.

My rules are simple:

1) Limit alcohol and processed foods ( I’ve learned quickly that using the word ‘eliminate’ leads to ruin) 2) Learn about Clean Eating and employ the practice 3) Start reading The 4 Hour Body, which has been gathering dust for almost a year ( In my trunk, OMG) 4) Get active!

And blogging about it! I’ve learned over the years that an audience, no matter how small, makes you more accountable for your actions. Won’t you join me in my quest toward a healthier lifestyle? I’m looking forward to updating you with the steps I’m taking toward mine.

Is anyone else taking crazy pills and planning to lose weight during the holidays?


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