Look Rested! Easy Makeup for New Moms

I don’t think it is any secret that new parents are a bit limited in the time department. We’re lacking in sleep, a 5 minute task takes us about 25, and we probably shouldn’t be expected to be anywhere on time for the next 3 years or so. ( So,  friends without kids, please be kind and tell us to be somewhere an hour earlier than we actually should, OK?)

It’s a small wonder I get any makeup on at all in the morning, but when I’m running on 5 hours sleep, I need it. This is my go-to ‘5 minute face’, though it really takes about 3 minutes, and leaves me looking like I slept as well as that sweet baby of mine.

See how I use all this loot after the jump

To start I use this amazing eye cream by TheBalm as soon as I get out of the shower. I let it sink in with my regular moisturizer for a few minutes while I get dressed. Then I put a few dots of BB cream on my nose, cheeks, chin and forehead and blend it out with my fingers.

I love the BB cream because in one step I get the benefits of a handful of products I would have previously ignored- with or without an infant. The cream acts as a primer, tinted moisturizer and highlighter and has SPF 30. Also, the eye cream + BB cream combo totally eliminates the need for concealer. Seriously! I only use concealer on blemishes now, and I have had dark circles for years.

Next comes the color. I use a peachy blush with a bit of shimmer ( Spaced Out by MAC, pictured above), but any shade that you can apply with minimal blending in the morning is a winner. The shimmer illuminates, but I would choose a powder formula over a cream- it’ll stay on throughout the day.

I finish up with mascara on most days and add liner if I’m not wearing glasses. I love most Rimmel brands of mascara- they’re super affordable and have a formula for every need. Play around and find what works best for you! I like thickening, usually but sometimes go for a lengthening formula on no-glasses days. Can’t have black gunk on the glasses!

I finish everything off with a nude lip- a peachy shade to compliment the cheeks is a no brainer and looks great with everything. I’m also partial to creamy berry shades.

I follow this routine every morning. The featured products stay in a small bag close to my mirror and any additional makeup is stored in bins on the other side of the bathroom- easily accessible but out of the way.  This way I can easily pick up an eyeshadow or switch out blushes if I have a minute or am feeling frisky.

I really hope this helps you put together a morning routine to help you look like Sleeping Beauty.

Now, if someone could give me some simple hair tips I will be all set!


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