A Month and Change

Despite having the idea for this page since before my daughter was born, here I am, 7 weeks into motherhood and just getting started on the blog. No matter! Baby bear’s first month was a period of adjustment to be sure, but it was also a period of  pure joy. Late night and early morning cuddles, playing records for nap time and cheering for burps have all become common practice in our home. Not to mention a devotion to my coffee machine that I have never known before. I’ve started this blog tomark her milestones, keep our out of state family up-to-date with our little lives and to just plain motivate me to write again.

Now on to the photos! Here are a few of my favorite moments from Baby Bear’s first month.

I start work next week, when the Bear turns 2 months. I have mixed feelings about this. The blog will touch on my adjustments to being a working mom, mommyhood in general, cooking, crafting, beauty ( ie. my hobbies) and all those interesting little details that come along with cohabitation in a very small space.


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